"God Loves Gays" Billboards Spell Out Message Of Equality To Westboro Baptist Church

Almighty God has spoken - and He has spoken loud. He loves gay people.

So much so, in fact, that ‘God’ is publicly declaring his love for the gay people of the world (and indeed lesbian, bisexual and transgender folk) - by slapping the pro-equality message on billboards across the American city of Topeka, Kansas.

Okay, okay. It isn’t the Big Man himself. It is, rather, his social media doppelgänger, the product of a mystery creator who doesn’t discriminate against Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs or anyone of any spiritual persuasion. In fact, everyone’s welcome (Atheists and Agnostics included - it really is quite the party). ‘God’ is simply out to share a bit of lighthearted humour and now - it seems - he’s on a mission to spread the kind of unconditional love likely to hit homophobia – and the Westboro Baptist Church – right where it hurts… Read more.

Pro-Gay Group’s Fundraising Counters Westboro’s Plans To Picket Robin Williams’ Funeral

A pro-gay organisation has raised over $80,000 for Robin Williams’ favourite charity in response to the Westboro Baptist Church plan to picket his funeral.

Westboro announced that they would picket the funeral and any memorial services for the actor, who famously starred as cross-dressing nanny Mrs. Doubtfire and as a gay man in cult classic The Birdcage. They have since labelled Williams a ‘fag enabler’ in another shameless attempt to use the death of prominent figure to promote their message of hate.

However, the organisation Planting Peace who last year set up the pride themed Equality House have so far crowd raised $80,000 in donations for the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, a cause supported by Williams… Read more.

Five Gay And Lesbian TV Kisses That Changed Our World

This week sees the eagerly awaited return of Doctor Who to our TV screens. Not only do we have a new Doctor and costume, but the first episode will feature the first onscreen kiss between two already established inter-species same-sex spouses.

To celebrate this moment in what has become an internationally loved, family-friendly series, we take a look back on some of the best same-sex TV kisses and why they are such landmarks in the fight for LGBT equality. 

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Willow and Tara
Six Feet Under: David Fisher and Keith Charles
Xena: Warrior Princess: Xena and Gabrielle
Brookside: Beth Jordache and Margaret Clements
Torchwood: Captain Jack Harkness and Captain John Hart

Read more.

Gay Teacher Who Came Out To His Students Tells A Surprising Story Of Acceptance

“If we want to make people comfortable with us, we need to tell them”.

David Weston, a former teacher, openly came out as gay to a full school assembly four years ago in 2010. However, at the time, he admits he wasn’t sure what effect, if any, this had had on the pupils. He only knew that he had received no negative reactions, but hoped that it might raise awareness and help closeted or confused students be more comfortable with themselves.

It’s only now, four years later, that he has received praise from a student for his courageous act.  Richard Miah, a straight man who is strongly against homophobia, emailed Mr. Weston to speak of the ‘positive impact’ his assembly confessional had on the school and how he had ‘challenged the ignorance of so many people that day’… Read more.

Star Trek Writer Schools Homophobic Reader, Backs ‘Rewarding’ Lesbian Romance

A Star Trek writer has hit out at a homophobic reader who has refused to read any more of his books.

David Mack, a freelance writer of licensed Star Trek novels published the email correspondence from an anonymous former fan on his blog in order to promote ‘love, equality and compassion’ – ‘not just for humanity but for all sentient beings’.

The sender told Mack how s/he had ‘deleted the book from my e-reader’ after learning of a lesbian affair between Vulcan character T-Prynn and a Klingon spy called Lurqal in the Harbinger novel… Read more.

The Warwick Rowers: Stripping Off For LGBT Equality

You might think that the Warwick Rowers are just a bunch of attractive guys posing nude for a cheeky calendar and…well, you would be right. But the really revealing thing is why they are doing it.

For five years, the men’s rowing team at Warwick University, UK, have been regularly stripping off to raise funds to help combat homophobia. The popularity of their last calendar was such that their website crashed under strain of demand but now the Warwick team is back and ready to bare all with a brand new calendar for 2015… Read more.

Ugandan LGBT Community Celebrate Pride In The Wake Of Anti-Gay Law

The LGBT community in Uganda have celebrated their third Pride event – days after the country’s anti-gay legislation was declared null and void.

On Saturday, a small group of LGBT Ugandans and their allies gathered in Entebbe, a town on the shore of Lake Victoria and 25 miles from the capital, Kampala… Read more.

‘Gay’ Playstation 4 Sells For Ten Times Its Price In LGBT Charity Auction

A rainbow-striped games console has sold for over ten times its retail price at a charity auction to benefit LGBT refugees.

Dubbed ‘the Gaystation’, the multi-coloured Playstation 4 console received 180 bids when bidding reached its climax at 28,000 Swedish Krona – approximately $4000US… Read more.

‘Strictly’ Dancers Back Same-Sex Couples On BBC Show

Today, several stars of the hit BBC dancing competition Strictly Come Dancing have come out in support of same-sex couples taking to the stage to quick-step, shimmy and shake together as the nation watches at home. If this ever happens, we will applaud the move, but others will undoubtedly tut in disapproval and spew their predictably exclusionary opinions left, right and centre.

Openly-gay professional Strictly dancer Robin Windsor told the Daily Star: “I spoke to producers about having a same-sex couple competing. I’m not sure if the British public are ready for it on the main show, but I think it would be a good idea to do it on a Children In Need special or the Christmas show.”

“It would be a good way to test the waters. Then, if the public love it, why not go all out and do it for a full series? I’m up for anything…” Read more.

Stunning Photography Project Finds The Beauty In 10,000 LGBTQ People Across America

“Because we are all the same – completely different.”

“We are you.”

These are the words of Self Evident Truths, a project that aims to photograph 10,000 Americans who don’t identify as being 100% straight. Or, rather, they identify as being somewhere on the LGBT spectrum.

Created by iO Tillett Wright, a New York artist, born and raised in a utopian bubble of free thinkers, artists and drag queens, Self-Evident Truths aims to humanise LGBT people and to show that, just like everybody else, we come in all different shapes, sizes, colours and religions. “We,” as the strapline says. “Are you…” Read more.