Photos Of Gay Dads And Their Beautiful Family Cause An Instagram Meltdown

Originally from an article found on Queerty, the story of gay parents Kaleb and Kordale is well worth a mention on Tumblr too. Their modern day family photo album paints a fun, responsible and loving portrait of 21st century parenting and has since gone viral, after they started posting on the photo blogging site four months ago. 

The response has been mixed on Twitter, apparently, with some folks up in arms about the photos not only depicting two men bringing up children, but two black men bringing up children. *facepalms self* Really? I mean: REALLY? If wider society could look beyond the gender, beyond the skin colour and beyond the unrelenting obsession with what two consenting adults do in the bedroom, they’d see that these are simply two people bringing up three children to the best of their ability. Personally, I think the photos and the family are beautiful. And it’s refreshing to see men getting stuck in with childcare duties, period. Countless million others could learn a thing or two from these guys. 

Check out their Instagram page here.

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